Founding UTPC Team 2015



From left to right:

Jan Sebastian Steffen – General Manager & Co-Founder

Laura Behrens* – Head of Participants

Caroline Straubel – Head of Administration

Ines Schulze Horn* – Head of Marketing & Press

Limei Hou* – Head of Finance

Dominik Schindler – Head of Sponsoring

Torben Taros – General Manager & Co-Founder

Carolina-marjolijn (Carlijn) Klaus* – Head of Organization

*continued in the UTPC 2016 team


UTPC Team 2016



From left to right:

Ivan Vrdoljak – General Manager

Carolina-marjolijn (Carlijn) Klaus – Head of Organization

Karolina Vaschenko – General Manager

Limei Hou – Head of Finance

Evelien Boerkamp – Head of Sponsoring

Anna Pellegrino* – Head of Speakers

Merle Tucholka* – Head of Media Partners

Lisa Lütticke – Head of Participants

Laura Behrens – Head of Marketing

Ines Schulze Horn – Strategic Advisor

*continued in the UTPC 2017 team 




UTPC Team 2017





















From left to right:

Anna Pellegrino – Head of Online Marketing

Tobias Fretzen – Head of Offline Marketing

Jacqueline Beck – Head of Organisation

Roy Florijn – Head of Administration

Bianca Sjoerdstra – General Manager

Teun Troostheide** – General Manager

Annika Fehling* - Head of Finance

Elisa Vincent* – Head of Acquisition

(Missing in the picture) Merle Tucholka* – Head of Media Partners

*continued in the UTPC 2018 team

**returned in the UTPC 2019 team



UTPC Team 2018


From left to right:

Julian Sotscheck – General Manager

Annika Fehling - Head of Finance

Elisa Vincent* – Head of Administration

Esmée van der Veen* – Head of Organisation

Merle Tucholka – Head of Acquisitions

Jorieke Masselink* – Head of Marketing

Tom Benerink – General Manager

*continued in the UTPC 2019 team

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